Our Rules

A lawyer is a means contributing to the fulfillment of personal freedom and is a profession founded on the ethics of legality.

A lawyer is independent from whichever interest or power.

A lawyer is a pragmatic intellectual who finds in the knowledge of the law and the experience of the profession, the features of his own attendance to the life of the community in which he lives and works.

We offer a professional expertise based on a deep and meticulous knowledge of legal arrangement and legal practice, both necessary to implement the good rights of every supported citizen, society or institution.

The lawyer, in executing his assignment, consults with magistrates, colleagues and different authorities, with due regard for each reciprocal role and awareness of his own role.

The remuneration of the lawyer is a consequence and not the aim of his professional activity.

The lawyer’s relationship with his coworkers and colleagues is based upon mutual respect and trust.

The Professional Association is an appropriate instrument to grant the best service, since it is based upon a sharing of the professional style, the costs and revenues coming from legal activities.

Professional duties are shared by all the professionals of the office, both in the first phase to avoid incompatibilities with the basic principles of the associates and both during the executing phase, basing its succeeding upon the sharing of skills and expertise.

A tradition of confidentiality

The ethic of a lawyer who works at L&A office entails a quality commitment and a strictly personal and fiduciary activity which must be confidential.

Although the fast changes regarding finances, economics and the ways to operate for a lawyer, the fundamental requirements for a perfect performance are still the same: quality of the professional help, customization of the activity according to the customer’s needs and confidentiality in taking and carrying out the assignments.

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